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Logging truck accident kills woman in her driveway

Most people feel relatively safe when standing in their own driveway. While drivers usually understand that traveling in a motor vehicle puts them at risk for a serious accident, there is usually little to no worry of this for those who are simply standing outside. Unfortunately, this was not the case for a West Virginia woman who was killed while she was on her own property.

According to police, the driver of a large truck was responsible for the accident. While northbound on West Virginia's Route 92, the driver somehow lost control of his vehicle and crashed. The truck overturned, and the load of logs spilled out, rolling onto a driveway.

3 Defensive driving tips your teenager must know

A Kentucky town is in mourning, after the loss of two high school students killed in a car accident earlier this month. A vehicle running from police struck the student’s car as they were passing through an intersection. Two other students riding in the victim’s car suffered serious injuries from the crash.  

Several Kentucky police departments tried to stop the high-speed pursuit, but the tragedy still occurred. Help your teenager stay safe on the road by teaching them the following three defensive driving skills: 

Alleged drunk driver charged for fatal collision

A man accused of killing another person in a drunk driving accident recently asked for a reduction of his bond, which was denied. The West Virginia man is facing charges of DUI causing death for his role in the fatal collision. The victim died after the alleged drunk driver struck the victim's motorcycle. 

Police were called to the scene of an accident in early Oct. 2018, where a 64-year-old man driving a pickup truck had failed to yield to the right of way, turned in front of an oncoming motorcyclist and caused a devastating collision. Although emergency responders transported the victim to an area hospital for care, he died soon after. The driver up the pickup managed to walk away from the wreck without injuries, although police claim that he was having troubling standing afterward, and it was not from shock. 

Deadly auto accident leaves teen girl dead

A driver could face criminal charges for allegedly causing a fatal accident. A teenage girl was killed in the collision and six others suffered injuries, one of whom was listed in serious condition. West Virginia police are still investigating the auto accident and what contributing factors might have been present. 

The 16-year-old teenager was riding with a 19-year-old driver at the time of the wreck. As they traveled in an SUV on the westbound side of Route 10, an eastbound vehicle turned directly in front of their path. Unable to avoid a collision, the SUV struck the smaller passenger vehicle. The teenager suffered fatal injuries, although it is not clear if she passed away at the scene of the accident or after being transported to a hospital. 

Who is most likely to die in a motorcycle accident?

Riding a motorcycle is as much about the experience of the ride as it is about getting to a destination. Unfortunately, negligent drivers continue to jeopardize not only that experience, but also motorcyclists' lives. However, families of West Virginia victims killed in a motorcycle accident may be able to hold those drivers accountable. 

Drivers of larger passenger vehicles tend to overlook or completely ignore the motorcycles that they share the road with. In about 66 percent of accidents that involve a motorcycle and one other vehicle, the motorcyclist's right of way was violated. This could be anything from a car that turns in front of a motorcycle to a pickup that proceeds through a four-way stop when it does not have the right of way. This kind of negligent behavior is putting motorcyclists at risk. 

How can we stop distracted driving?

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, distracted driving results in eight deaths and over 1,000 injuries every day. Driving requires your full attention, but texting and driving, which takes the driver's eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel, is on the increase. Distracted driving affects all drivers from time to time and can come with serious consequences.

Despite the increase of safety features and technology in cars, fatal crashes from distracted driving are on the rise. While many states have laws restricting cellphone use by new drivers, only 14 states prohibit the use of handheld devices while driving for all ages. West Virginia, for instance, bans the use of hand-held devices for all drivers, including texting while driving.

Fatal wreck kills 1, injures 2 others

Two people were injured and another was killed in a devastating accident. All three victims were employees of the West Virginia Parkways Authority who were apparently on the job at the time of the wreck. However, this does not prevent the surviving victims or the deceased man's surviving family from pursuing compensation on their behalf. 

The three men's WVPA vehicles were parked along the roadway on I-77 shortly before 4 p.m.  All three of the men were standing outside of the cars when, for reasons that are still not clear, a tractor-trailer veered out of its lane and struck the two vehicles. The men were also hit. 

Man killed in bicycle accident

Bicyclists are at a distinct disadvantage on West Virginia roads. Drivers of larger motor vehicles often fail to watch for people riding bikes, and even when they do see them many fail to give necessary room when passing. When an accident occurs between a car and bicycle, severe injury and even death can occur. 

A 57-year-old man recently died after a driver struck him with his car. The bicyclist was from out of town, and was out enjoying an afternoon bike ride at the time of the accident. The driver was apparently not paying attention to the road when he turned at an intersection, running the man and his bicycle over. 

Multi-vehicle car accident sends 5 to hospital

West Virginia police say that the large truck involved in a fatal accident was owned by a company that had failed multiple inspections. At least two people were killed in the wreck, and several others suffered severe injuries. Unfortunately, such outcomes are not uncommon for this type of car accident. 

According to authorities, the accident happened at an intersection on W.Va. 98. There were five vehicles in the right-hand lane waiting for the light to turn green, two of which were passenger vehicles while the other three were dump trucks. In the left lane, a pickup truck and car were stopped.  

Pedestrians: Watch out for SUVs

If you’re like most Americans, you probably have lots of friends who drive SUVs. You may even drive one yourself. There are lots of reasons to drive an SUV: a better view of the road, plenty of leg room and reduced chance of injury if you’re in a front- or read-end collision. However, for people on foot, SUVs look quite different. Recent studies have shown that the prevalence of SUVs directly corresponds to an increase in pedestrian fatalities throughout the country. If you’re out walking, you need to pay attention.

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