Thorough Defense Against Serious Felony Criminal Charges

Felony charges in West Virginia can lead to prolonged prison sentences and a criminal record that can forever affect your reputation. When factoring in the complex nature of these cases and the aggressive approach prosecutors take, the stakes are too high to trust your future to just any lawyer. You need someone who knows how to create a strong defense plan that protects your rights, your freedom and your long-term future.

Working Closely With You During Every Stage Of The Process

I am attorney Kevin T. Tipton. At Tipton Law Offices, I will take immediate action to begin establishing a criminal defense strategy personalized for the unique circumstances of your case. I work closely with my clients to fully understand the facts of each case I take. This diligent approach has proven invaluable for clients in Fairmont, Morgantown and communities throughout the region.

I have an extensive legal background defending against a broad range of felony charges, including but not limited to:

  • Murder – I have defended individuals facing murder, manslaughter and other homicide-related criminal charges.
  • Burglary – For burglary and other theft charges, I know how best to proceed to fight back against these allegations.
  • Drug crimes – If you are facing possession or trafficking charges stemming from methamphetamines, heroin or other banned substances, I am prepared to work with you.

Partner With An Accomplished Trial Attorney

To get the best outcome for their clients, defense attorneys must be willing to take a case to court. For nearly 20 years, I have built my practice as a strong litigation law firm. Prosecutors understand my willingness to go to court to argue on behalf of my clients in front of a judge and jury. Because they know I will never back down from a fight, I am able to negotiate effective settlements, plea agreements and dismissals.

Affordable Legal Advice

I believe that every individual charged with a felony offense deserves access to high-quality legal representation. My firm offers a competitive pricing structure that fits within your budget while providing the competent counsel needed to combat the charges you face.

To learn more, schedule an initial consultation by calling 681-404-4643 or by emailing my Morgantown office.