A slight decrease in pedestrian deaths occurs

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Pedestrians benefit from being more alert when near traffic. Since someone walking or jogging is not inside a vehicle, they lack the protection of a vehicle’s frame when involved in an auto accident. As a result, pedestrian accidents on West Virginia roads could have a greater chance of ending in fatalities. Statistics reveal that the number of fatalities is decreasing, but the news does not automatically indicate that pedestrian travel is safe.

Pedestrian fatality numbers

A preliminary review of U.S. traffic accident statistics reveals that the number of pedestrians who lost their lives in traffic incidents declined by 4% during the first half of 2023. The study conducted by the Governors Highway Safety Association does not necessarily indicate that drivers and pedestrians are more careful. 2022 saw pedestrian deaths reach a four-decade high, so the decrease comes after a year with a spike in fatalities.

The 4% decrease might not have any bearing on trends suggesting a change in a positive direction. The second half of the year’s figures don’t factor into the data, so a complete picture of 2023’s death toll is not yet available.

Pedestrian safety

Walking in well-lit areas could help, but is not always possible. Sometimes, a driver’s negligence undermines others’ attempts at cautious behavior. Lawsuits often follow wrongful death auto accidents.

Negligence takes many forms. Driving while intoxicated or committing a moving violation might reflect negligence on a driver’s part. Victims or the families of deceased victims might file a legal claim after the crash. Auto liability coverage might provide a settlement for compensation, although some may sue above policy limits or punitive damages not covered by a policy.