The dangers of truck driver fatigue

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Truck drivers who are fatigued may be more likely to cause West Virginia accidents than drivers who are well-rested. The nature of their work also means that they might be more likely to struggle with fatigue than other drivers since they may face pressure to work long hours. Even legal regulations about how long a driver must rest between shifts does not necessarily prevent this fatigue.


In addition, the size of commercial trucks means that they have the potential to cause more damage in motor vehicle accidents than smaller car. This size also makes them more difficult to stop. There are other dangers as well. For example, a truck may jackknife, hitting more vehicles, or there could be an underride crash, in which a vehicle goes under a truck.

Driving while fatigued

Drivers may feel pressured by deadlines to work when they are ill or on medication, both of which could increase the likeliness of fatigue. Like any other driver, truck drivers might also get on the road after having a few alcoholic drinks. A drowsy truck driver may have a slower reaction time or might find their decision-making skills suffering. They may also simply fall asleep while behind the wheel.

Truck accidents

Drivers can take steps to protect themselves from trucks and other vehicles by staying alert and leaving plenty of space between their own vehicle and others. They should keep in mind the extra braking room that trucks require. If an accident does occur, drivers should note down as many details as possible and take photos if they can.

It is not known exactly how many accidents in the United States are caused each year by drowsy driving because in some cases, determining this relies on self-reporting. Truck drivers in particular may be reluctant to admit that they were sleepy while behind the wheel since it could affect their jobs. However, it is important for all drivers to be aware of the dangers of drowsy driving and to drive defensively.