3 Mistakes to avoid after a car accident involving injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2024 | Car Accident Injuries |

When people get involved in car accidents in West Virginia, they often make mistakes that can jeopardize their case. That’s especially true with regard to the injuries. Unfortunately, mistakes can derail car accident claims. Here are some mistakes that can cause serious problems after a car accident.

Downplaying injuries

It’s not uncommon for accident victims to downplay their injuries. That can include refusing medical aid at the scene of the accident. Or, downplaying the severity of their injuries. This type of action after an accident can interfere with future injury claims.

Missing vital deadlines

Many accident victims don’t realize there are deadlines to follow. There are deadlines for filing claims and for seeking medical attention. Missing a deadline can make it nearly impossible for victims to get compensation for their injuries.

Failing to file a police report can cause problems after a car accident. That’s why filing reports and seeking medical attention right away is beneficial for anyone who’s suffered injuries in a car accident.

Sharing too many details

A little information can go a long way after a car accident. Information that you share with the other driver could be used by that driver’s lawyer or insurance company to challenge or minimize your claim. Share the information required by law and provide other details to your own insurance company, physician, and lawyer.

Admitting any type of fault

Emotions can run high after a car accident. Because of that, many accident victims wrongly admit to some type of fault. Unfortunately, admitting fault can turn into a costly mistake. It’s best to let the investigation determine who’s at fault for a car accident.

Accidents happen. Avoiding mistakes can prevent problems for people who get injured in accidents.