Poor road conditions may lead to accidents

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Accidents are common on West Virginia roads, and commuters realize that reckless drivers can cause accidents. Other reasons may factor into why an automobile accident occurs. Road conditions might contribute to a collision, and problematic conditions are not only caused by the weather. Sometimes, poor road construction and maintenance lead to a crash.

Poor road design

The number of fatal accidents in the United States connected to poor road design might be higher than people realize. A study that examined information compiled by the National Highway Travel Safety Administration suggests that poor road design may contribute to the chances of a crash. For example, poor marking on the road may confuse someone trying to stay in a lane. If the driver is intoxicated or distracted, the risks might increase further.

Neglected roads can lead to accidents

A road might also fall into a state of neglect, as evidenced by potholes and other imperfections. Suppose the local municipality doesn’t perform critical repairs. In that case, people who suffer harm in a motor vehicle collision might file a lawsuit against the local authorities and others who might be liable.

Car accidents can occur in several ways when commuters travel on a dilapidated or poorly maintained road. A vehicle can hit a pothole and suffer a blowout, hitting another car. In such an incident, the local municipality may be liable for not repairing the potholes. However, if the vehicle’s driver suffering the tire mishap knew the tires required replacing, the driver may be partially responsible for the accident.

Parties who are liable for motor vehicle accidents might have insurance to cover such incidents. A driver’s auto insurance or a contractor’s business liability policy may address claims. An insurance settlement may provide sufficient compensation to the victims.