New carriers and truck accidents

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A truck collision may result in the victims suffering catastrophic harm. Therefore, West Virginia truck drivers and their employers should follow all traffic laws and avoid reckless behavior. Unfortunately, collisions will happen, and there appears to be a rise in crashes involving new carriers.

New carriers and collisions

In 2021, a significant increase in registrations for new common carriers occurred. The monthly new registrations figures from 2021 are roughly double those from 2019. Such figures suggest more trucks are on the roads, which might factor into why more accidents involving trucks may happen.

A further examination by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that in 2018, new carriers contributed to 1.3% of all large truck and bus collisions. In 2021, those who entered the industry in 2018 contributed 3.5% of such crashes. Such figures are problematic because the trend may continue upward, suggesting more crashes on U.S. roads.

Reasons for truck crashes

The reasons for truck accidents vary based on individual circumstances. Even when a carrier emphasizes safety, a driver’s negligence might lead to an accident. For example, the driver may become intoxicated or change lanes without checking a blind spot. The driver then may face a negligence claim for any harm inflicted, and the injuries could be severe considering the size of a massive semi-truck.

The carrier could be liable when it contributes negligence. Truck employers must log mandatory breaks to avoid accidents related to fatigue. Not following federal regulations could leave the employer responsible for a collision. Similarly, the truck carrier may be liable for accidents resulting from improperly maintaining the fleet and putting dangerous vehicles on the road.