Fatal accidents increase despite safer cars

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Consumers demand improvements from modern vehicle manufacturers. Infotainment and performance capabilities are not the only areas where cars and other models display enhancements. Current engineering reveals various safety upgrades, as evidenced by safety and technology features. However, accident statistics still show an increase in traffic fatalities. Plus, collision fatalities often lead to civil litigation in West Virginia.

Accident fatality rates increase

Between 2011 and 2022, the fatality statistics of pedestrians and bicyclists increased by 60%. The figure coincides with the overall upward trend of vehicle collision fatalities over the past decade. Such statistics seem surprising considering the significant increase in supposedly “safer” cars.

The increase in the popularity of pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles may play a role. Larger vehicles could inflict more damage and greater injuries, which may increase the chances of a victim suffering fatal injuries.

Negligence and fatal accidents

Safety technology has limitations, and drivers who rely too much on an alert might become lax when operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, even momentary lapses in attention may lead to wrongful death auto accidents. Drivers must be alert to fellow commuters, pedestrians and bicyclists at all times. Drivers who rely on in-vehicle cameras or blind-spot alerts and do not do their part to avoid accidents, such as looking over their shoulder, could be liable for any harm inflicted on victims.

Also, no matter how many safety features a vehicle has, a reckless driver could still cause an accident. A speeding, intoxicated driver could make an accident unavoidable. Victims may sue a negligent driver for substantial sums in the aftermath. An auto liability insurance policy might cover compensatory damages, but a court judgment could be necessary to recover punitive awards.