Know the dangerous reality of underage drunk driving

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There are many teen drivers in West Virginia. In addition to their inexperience, a common problem is allegations of drunk driving. Parents, law enforcement, legislators and others on the road need to be aware of the danger.

Recognize the realities of underage DUI

There are inherent risks with driving under the influence, but they are worse with underage drivers. Teens will be charged with DUI for registering a blood alcohol concentration of .01%.

Statistics show that around 33% of road fatalities involve a driver whose BAC is beyond the adult legal limit of .08%. A person’s reflexes are worsened, their judgment is impaired and it raises the chance of a collision. Nearly one in four fatal accidents in which drivers 16 to 20 are involved is alcohol-related.

Other factors that contribute to road deaths in which younger drivers and alcohol are involved include experience-related issues. For example, it is believed that younger drivers are more vulnerable to distraction whether that is a cellphone, other young people in the vehicle or simply changing the radio.

Statistics shed light on the reality of drunk driving accident injuries as 65% of fatal accidents kill the driver who was under the influence. Sixteen percent led to passengers losing their lives. Almost 20% of the fatalities were other drivers and pedestrians.

Underage DUIs have extensive consequences

There are laws in place that are intended to hold underage drunk drivers accountable with the potential for losing their driving privileges, the DUI showing up on their record and appearing on background checks.

Knowing the facts about underage DUIs might help with avoiding an accident. Also, when there is a crash with injuries and death, people also need to be cognizant of how they can effectively move forward in addressing all they have lost.