How to seek lost wages after car crashes

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Motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia are not only emotionally devastating, but they can also cause a lot of financial damage. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may be able to pursue compensation for wages lost due to the crash.

Lost wages: What they are

Lost wages are compensation for the income you would have earned without an injury or accident. This includes money lost due to your inability to go to work, time spent in court for a lawsuit, medical treatment and recovery trips. In most cases, you can pursue compensation for wages lost up to three years after an accident.

How to seek lost wages after a car crash

Trying to seek lost wages after motor vehicle accidents can seem overwhelming. Here are the steps you should follow to help get the financial compensation you deserve:

Gather evidence of your lost wages

This includes documents from your employer showing how much money you earned before and after the accident, medical records showing when you could not work due to injuries sustained in the crash, and any other documents demonstrating the amount of money you lost.

Calculate the total amount of lost wages

Once you have gathered all the evidence, use it to calculate a rough estimate of your total losses. This will provide a starting point for seeking compensation. Factor in any income you earned without the accident, such as bonuses, overtime pay, and other benefits.

File a claim for lost wages

You will need to submit your evidence to the at-fault party’s insurance company and file a claim for lost wages. Generally, you will receive an initial compensation offer, which is usually much lower than you deserve. It is important to remember that the first offer is not always the final amount you are entitled to. You may have to negotiate with the insurance company for more fair compensation.

It is important to remember that each car accident case is different, which means the amount of lost wages you can collect will vary depending on the severity of the crash and your particular circumstances. Understanding your rights after a car accident and taking all the steps necessary to seek fair compensation for lost wages is essential.