The 4 different types of distracted driving in West Virginia

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Most conversations about distracted driving in West Virginia focus on texting while behind the wheel. However, there are multiple ways a driver can be distracted, some of which don’t even involve using a gadget or talking to other people in the car. They can all be categorized into four groups: cognitive, visual, auditory, and manual distractions.

Cognitive distractions

Cognitive distractions involve the mind. They are basically things that take your concentration away from driving. For example, if you are daydreaming or thinking about something else, like what you are going to do when you arrive at your destination, you are not focused on the task of driving. It can also be caused by being intoxicated or under the influence of some prescription drugs. This makes it one of the most notorious causes of motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia.

Visual distractions

Visual distractions are things that take your eyes off the road. For example, if you are looking at a GPS device, reading a map or looking at something outside the car, it would be impossible to drive safely. You can easily miss a turn or fail to see a stop sign.

Auditory distractions

Auditory distractions stop you from listening to the sounds of driving. For example, if you are playing music loudly, talking on the phone or even just having a conversation with someone in the car, it can be difficult to hear things like emergency vehicles or horns honking. Besides, a captivating conversation or music can make it difficult to pay attention to the road.

Manual distractions

Manual distractions take your hands off the wheel. They include adjusting the radio, eating or fiddling with something in the car. Even something as simple as putting on lipstick can be a manual distraction.

Driving is a task that requires your full attention. Anything that takes your concentration away can have devastating consequences. If you must do something that would cause any of the distractions mentioned above, pull over to a safe area first. It’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others just to save a few minutes. Moreover, there are legal repercussions when spotted driving while distracted.