Can car accident injuries be delayed?

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One of the biggest mistakes an accident victim can make is failing to seek medical attention immediately following an incident. Even when there are no apparent injuries, there could still be internal injuries that could manifest later. These can be deadly when it involves internal bleeding. Another problem that many injured parties in West Virginia face will be when a respondent insurance company denies a claim based on the fact that the claimant did not seek medical attention immediately. It is at least a reasonable defense to a claim that the injuries are not as serious as the victim claimant is stating to the court, and it commonly happens with certain types of injuries.


One of the first injuries that will manifest later is whiplash. Whiplash happens when a vehicle is suddenly stopped throwing a passenger violently in any one direction. In fact, whiplash is probably the most common of all car accident injuries, and it can create significant pain from strained muscles or numbness around the neck area.

Back injuries

Another injury that can manifest later and be very serious is a back injury. Victims can easily strain their back in a variety of ways whether being struck from the rear or front, and especially from the side. Those who are struck from the side will actually more often suffer immediate and apparent personal injuries.

Internal head trauma

Another very serious injury scenario that may not become apparent until later is internal head injuries. A bump on the head may be much more than it appears, and it is important to get some type of a cranial scan when receiving any head impact.

These are just a few of the injuries that can manifest well after the fact of an accident in West Virginia. Additionally, internal bleeding is also commonly unnoticed and could be deadly if not treated.