The increasing rates of semi-truck accidents

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Semi-truck drivers are responsible for a high number of accidents on many roads and highways in West Virginia. In addition, the number of accidents is increasing gradually because fewer people are trying to stay safe on the road. Learn more about the causes and effects of these types of accidents.

Accidents are on the rise

Since 2009, the number of semi-truck accidents has risen by 52%. These accidents include smaller cars and pickup trucks that entered into the side, rear-end or front-end collisions with commercial big rigs. Additionally, 74% of all deadly passenger vehicle crashes usually involve a large truck. Each year, nearly 130,000 drivers, passengers, and pedestrians suffer injuries from truck accidents.

The effects of semi-truck accidents

Few truck accidents result in minor injuries or vehicular damages. The effects are often financially disastrous in addition to being physically and emotionally traumatic. The average vehicle is often totaled after getting into a truck accident. A tractor-trailer collision can result in a permanent disability, a life-threatening medical condition, or death.

If negligence was involved, it becomes a legal matter that is addressed in court or through negotiations with insurance companies. This could lead to further expenses in addition to medical bills and property damage repairs.

When drivers need to be more careful

Semi-trucks cause many of the worst crashes seen on roads today. Eliminating the number of big trucks on the road is the best but least realistic option. Drivers are required to drive defensively and protect themselves on the road. Overall, they must become more aware of the growing rates of trucking accidents and work to stay safe on the road.