The high cost of trucking accidents

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All car accidents have financial consequences of some type, but when the mishaps involve big trucks, the costs multiply quickly. The sheer size of some commercial trucks can make the accidents much worse for victims in West Virginia, especially when property damages and personal injuries are considered.

Average injury cost for one victim

The average cost of a commercial truck accident that involves only one individual’s personal injury is $148,279. Those costs increase as the number of injuries rises and can go up to as high as $7 million if fatalities are involved. Direct and indirect costs comprise these figures. Among the direct costs are:

  • Property damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Towing costs
  • Hospitalization for injuries
  • Doctor bills
  • Rehabilitation costs

Indirect costs can also be substantial. These include:

  • Ongoing loss of salary
  • Future loss of salary
  • Missed career opportunities
  • Legal proceedings
  • Ongoing medical costs

Educating trucking company employees

The costs of accidents have substantial consequences for trucking companies too, so these companies often incorporate initiatives to reduce accidents. Increasing driver engagement, especially in the area of distracted driving, can lead to better overall safety and fewer catastrophic incidents.

Do trucking companies have a responsibility to keep drivers safe?

Trucking companies may be held responsible for victims’ accident injuries depending on the circumstances. If the company offered employee engagement sessions to reduce drowsy and distracted driving along with other problems, the victim may not be able to show negligence on the part of the truck driver’s employer.

Sometimes, the victim’s best chance for holding trucking companies liable for injuries is to show that the trucking company required their drivers to meet unreasonable deadlines or other unsafe practices. In some cases, only the driver may be found to be at fault.