Driver caught fleeing with beer in hand after drunk driving car accident

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If you are looking for evidence that the person who crashed into your vehicle on a Morgantown street or highway was driving drunk, a beer can or bottle in their hand would make it pretty obvious.

According to sheriff’s deputies, an Idaho man was arrested after attempting to flee the scene of a rear-end crash. Deputies say the man’s pickup truck crashed into another vehicle at a red light, backed up, then hit the vehicle again.

Sped off, then ran away, beer in hand

Someone called 911 to report that someone was injured in the collision. When deputies and firefighters responded, they observed the pickup driving away. As deputies pursued, the driver allegedly sped as fast as 57 mph and drove on the wrong side of the road for a while before eventually pulling over on a residential street and trying to escape on foot. A deputy said he was carrying a beer in one hand as he ran away. The deputy caught up to the man and arrested him.

It is not clear what the man’s blood-alcohol level was. Besides this arrest, he has a record of three convictions for DUI in just the past two years.

Fortunately, the people inside the car that the drunk driver hit only suffered minor injuries. A rear-end crash can cause painful neck and back injuries, among other things.

Drunk driving is a serious problem

The thought of a man carrying a beer as he tries to evade police is amusing. But there is nothing funny about drunk driving and auto accidents. Every year, hundreds of people in West Virginia are seriously injured and killed in DUI car accidents. The decision to drink and drive is one of the most negligent and reckless things somebody can do.

When a drunk driver harms someone in an auto wreck, the victim has the right to pursue compensation in court. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you find out more about how to proceed.