Filing a personal injury lawsuit for wrongful death

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Wrongful Death Auto Accidents |

Although mishaps may occur, that does not change the pain of losing a loved one. Losing your kin due to the negligence of another person makes it even more painful and unbearable. If you plan to seek your legal right the injury of a loved one, you should know what filing a lawsuit for wrongful death entails.

Here at Tipton Law Offices, we have a good background and understanding of the law. Our firm represents family members that have suffered a loss of their kin in a car accident. Mainly, we analyze the circumstances under which the accident occurred and advise our clients whether a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate.

According to Findlaw, if your kin got injured in a fatal car accident due to misconduct by someone else, they will be responsible for paying the medical expenses. You may have an option of settling the case informally or having a lawyer file it in court should it become impossible to reach an agreement.

In case of a formal settlement of the case, you, the plaintiff, can file a lawsuit against the other party who becomes the defendant by default. You should prove that the defendant acted carelessly, causing injuries to your kin. That is what we term as filing a lawsuit.

Informal settlements are the most common for personal injury cases. Your attorney, the attorney representing the other party, and insurers negotiate to reach an agreement. After settling, you unanimously decide not to pursue the case further. Therefore, you enter into a contract to receive a certain amount as compensation for the damages.