Signs you should return to the doctor after a car accident

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It is very common for injuries from a car accident to take a couple of days to show themselves. The adrenaline from the accident and other factors in regard to how the body feels pain and presents injuries all mean that sometimes you are not aware right away that something is wrong. Even if you see a doctor in West Virginia, there are times when you may need to go back and have the doctor check you out further. explains that while you may check out OK at a first visit to the doctor after a car accident, some symptoms may not show up until a few days later. In addition, sometimes a condition may not seem as severe as it really is at first. If you notice any of the following signs, you need to return to the doctor for further medical treatment.


While it is normal to have a lingering headache after certain injuries, if your headache becomes severe or is affecting you in an abnormal way, you need to get back to the doctor.

Abdominal pain

If you notice pain in your stomach that was not there before or pain that becomes worse, then you need medical treatment as soon as possible. This could indicate a serious condition.

Feelings of concern

If you feel like something is not right or you have concerns about your injuries, you should talk to a doctor. You do not have to suffer with these feelings.

Extremity issues

If you suddenly lose feeling in your arms or legs, feel tingling or another odd sensation, you should get to the doctor.


Any pain that gets worse or suddenly shows up is worth your concern. You should head to the doctor for another work up.

Your doctor will probably give you some follow up instructions specific to your injuries. Always pay attention to what these say and return to the doctor if you need further help.