Spinal Injuries From Vehicles Can Have Devastating Results

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Almost anyone involved in a vehicular accident in West Virginia may be injured, sometimes severely. Among the most debilitating injuries are those involving the spinal cord. The more severe the accident is, the greater chance that a spinal cord injury could occur.

Lower back injuries are common

The lumbosacral region, which is the lower part of the spine that attaches to the pelvis, is the most commonly injured area in severe motor vehicle accidents (MVA). Spinal injuries can be life-altering, especially if they involve fractures. Only a small percentage of motor vehicle accidents involve a spinal fracture. The types of accidents that cause such injuries are generally high-impact events that cause rollovers or other sudden blows to the back.

Most of the time, younger individuals, aged 20 to 39 are victims of severe accidents. Usually, drivers are most susceptible to more traumatic injuries, whether from high impact or rollover. When severe injuries occur at a young age, the victim’s lifetime earning potential could be significantly impacted as well as overall health.

The most common injuries involving the spine

Not all injuries involving the back are readily apparent immediately following a motor vehicle accident, which is why victims should always seek medical attention following a mishap. The most common back injuries caused by MVA are:

  • Whiplash, when the head and neck jerk suddenly backward
  • Soft tissue injuries, including sprain, strains and tears to muscles and tendons
  • A herniated disc, causing muscle and nerve compression
  • Fractures, most commonly caused by compression
  • Spinal cord injuries, the most severe of which can result in disability and/or paralysis

Getting help for severe spinal injuries

You deserve medical treatment no matter what kind of spinal injury you may have. Even less severe injuries can result in years of ongoing treatment, which your medical insurance may not fully cover. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a severe MVA, you deserve compensation for suffering, medical payments and even living costs. Consulting a legal professional in West Virginia experienced in injury law can make the difference between struggling and living a comfortable life.