Headaches that come after motorcycle accidents

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It is common for motorcycle drivers in West Virginia to experience headaches after accidents. Headaches can indicate a head or neck injury.

Causes of posttraumatic headaches

Headaches resulting from motorcycle accident injuries and car accident injuries that occur after the fact are referred to as posttraumatic headaches. Post traumatic headaches can occur right after the accident or hours or days later. Direct trauma is the most common source of posttraumatic headaches, such as whiplash or an impact involving the neck or head. These headaches can also result from pain radiating from the neck up to the skull.

Headaches from fractures

A bone break or fracture in the neck or skull usually leads to crippling pain and intense headaches. The pain is often around the injury site and typically presents symptoms that include nausea, seizures, confusion and slurred speech.

Headaches from pinched nerves

After a motorcycle accident, posttraumatic headaches can result from compression in nerves in the cervical spine. This leads to disc irritation or herniation. Symptoms associated with pinched nerves include pain, tingling, tenderness and numbness.

Headaches from whiplash

It is common for people to experience whiplash headaches after a motorcycle or car accident. The extension and flexion of soft tissue resulting from the sudden force on the neck and head can lead to headaches immediately after the accident or even days later.

Headaches from concussions

Brain injuries can lead to concussion headaches. Concussions come from a violent, sudden jerk that leads to the brain impacting the inner walls of the skull. Symptoms include vomiting, confusion and dizziness. Ringing in the ears can also occur.

After an accident, seeking medical attention is paramount. Many injuries don’t show symptoms until several days or weeks later. Experiencing good health and getting compensation for injuries requires that you immediately consult with a doctor.