Mechanism of injury classifications

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Many people in West Virginia are injured in accidents each year. You can divide these injuries into different groups based on the mechanism of injury, which can be defined as the method by which the trauma to the body occurred. Generally, doctors divide injuries into three broad categories by the type of trauma they cause.

Penetrating trauma

Penetrating trauma occurs when an object pierces the skin and causes a wound. These injuries are often hard to diagnose because much of the damage happens internally. Doctors usually try to guess the speed at which the object enters the body to predict the amount of injury and where it occurred before running diagnostic tests. Stabbing and shooting can be the mechanism of injury in these cases.

Blunt-force trauma

The mechanism of injury in blunt-force trauma is something striking the body without penetrating the skin. Car accidents are a leading cause of blunt-force trauma injuries. Doctors are often concerned about internal hemorrhaging if the object hits the person hard enough.

Deceleration trauma

Deceleration trauma occurs when a part of the body suddenly stops moving. For example, when someone falls onto an object that does not move. For example, this type of injury can occur during a motor vehicle accident when a person’s head hits the steering wheel. Doctors usually quickly evaluate where these injuries occur on the body. They are most concerned about those that happen to the chest, abdomen and head.

The mechanism of injury is how the person was injured, such as falling, in a car accident, being hit by an object or being stabbed. Injury classification helps medical professionals determine treatment and can be useful in understanding accident and crime statistics.