2021’s grim accident statistics

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A review of accident statistics from 2021 shows an alarming increase in fatalities and injuries. West Virginia motorists need to be cautious on the road because one mistake could result in a crash. Unfortunately, even those who avoid any reckless behaviors behind the wheel could become victims of unsafe drivers.

Increases in fatalities

The National Traffic Safety Administration released data corresponding to 2021 accidents. The agency’s sobering report noted that almost 43,000 people died in vehicle collisions in 2021, the highest total since 2005.

Questions arise about why so many accidents happen. Consider two reasons people suffer severe injuries or fatalities in motor vehicle collisions: the vehicle traveled at an unsafe speed, and occupants did not wear seat belts. Learning about such underlying causes may lead some to be mindful of their speed and consistently latch themselves into their seats. Unfortunately, some drivers will continue to speed, so it becomes necessary to remain alert to aggressive, speeding and erratic drivers.

Many drivers would never speed nor willfully commit any moving violations. However, numerous drivers embrace distractions that might cause accidents. Per the NHTSA, distracted driving accounts for roughly 12% of fatal collisions. Between bad habits and the prevalence of in-vehicle technology, distracted driving continues to be a pervasive problem. While the driver might not worry about hands-free texting or conversing on the phone, the results could be tragic.

Collisions and liabilities

Several other behaviors might lead to traffic accidents, including drunk driving. Drivers with substance abuse issues are not the only persons who may drink and drive. Even someone who rarely drinks could make the mistake of driving while intoxicated. Such a person could inflict severe car accident injuries on crash victims.

Car crash victims might suffer financially from the incident. Filing a lawsuit or insurance claim could help them recover their losses.