Four risks that every teenage driver faces behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Car Accident Injuries |

Most teenagers feel excited about getting behind the wheel for the first time. However, parents usually don’t share this sense of excitement. If you are a teenage driver in West Virginia or know one, make sure they understand the dangers that all drivers face.

Driving too fast

Chances are, there are things you regret doing as a teenager. Some of these regrets likely involve speeding. Driving too fast is extremely dangerous. Speeding can also mean paying for expensive speeding tickets. Make sure your teen driver knows to pay attention to speed limit signs no matter where they are.

Using their smartphones

Most teenagers view smartphones as one of their most valued possessions. Unfortunately, certain teenage drivers put their lives in jeopardy by using a smartphone while driving. Have your teen turn off their smartphone or leave it on silent when they drive. No call or text message is worth drivers taking their eyes off the road and getting into motor vehicle accidents.

Distracting passengers

It’s not uncommon for a teenager to celebrate getting their driver’s license. Sometimes, this excitement causes your teenager to drive around a bunch of their friends. It’s not a crime for teenagers and their friends to travel together. However, some friends can be a little too loud and cause a lot of distractions for a new driver.

Being a new driver

For most people, driving is a skill that individuals get better at with experience. However, many teen drivers only have a few months of experience behind the wheel. Naturally, teen drivers are prone to making mistakes experienced drivers would avoid.

Parents must spend time and effort teaching their teenage children how to drive safely. You can set a great example for your teenagers by also being a safe driver. It’s also good to regularly go over the rules of the road with your teenage children.