Semitruck & 18-Wheeler Accident Injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Semitruck & 18-wheeler Accident Injuries |

Truck accidents in West Virginia are more dangerous than the accidents that involve cars or SUVs because of a truck’s larger mass and force, as well as the potential for multiple vehicles to be involved. These dangerous accidents are on the rise and they pose a severe threat to driver safety.

Trucking Accidents

Driving can be risky, even for those who have a lot of experience behind the wheel. Trained and professional truck drivers can still make mistakes, and sometimes things can happen that are outside their control on the road. A truck accident can put everyone on the road at risk, including the driver of the truck, because a large truck can strike or block several vehicles across the road if there is an accident. Truck drivers can make some preparations for avoiding an accident, such as ensuring that their load is appropriately sized and tied down, maintaining situational awareness, and keeping their trucks in good condition.

A trucking accident is a standard driving risk, especially on the highway. The problem with these accidents is the force. Force is equal to mass times acceleration, and trucks have more mass than anything else on the road. All that force makes 18-wheeler accidents carry a high degree of destructive potential. No matter what other kinds of vehicles are involved in a crash with a truck, the risks for serious injury and death are considerable.

The range of outcomes from a trucking accident is large, and many of those outcomes are quite negative. Nobody wants to be involved in a trucking accident, but the rate of these accidents is on the rise.