The severity of traumatic brain injuries in car accidents

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Most people are unaware of the frequency of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in car accidents in West Virginia. TBI often imitates the symptoms of headaches or migraines that do not require immediate medical intervention. The problems increase if the condition is not diagnosed immediately. A single traumatic brain injury that occurs during a car accident could have long-term health and legal consequences.

TBIs happen in car accidents

Approximately 50,000 people die every year from traumatic brain injuries. Nearly 14% of TBI cases are caused during motor vehicle accidents. Higher rates of children, young adults and elderly people die from these severe forms of car accident injuries.

Recovering from an accident

Most patients who experience serious head injuries have to obtain plenty of rest while the body rebuilds itself. They tend to avoid mentally and physically strenuous activities that worsen the injury.

Recovering fully from a brain injury is not guaranteed in all TBI cases. The length of recovery varies for every person. A severe injury can take years of physical therapy, and after the most advanced treatments, the person may never regain his or her complete abilities. In general, patients with all types of TBI never improve once they fail to practice rehabilitation techniques on their own. Without regular treatments, TBI symptoms are likely to develop into other neurological conditions.

Traumatic brain injuries occur frequently during car accidents. An injury that is treated or not treated increases the risk of developing serious brain-related conditions. Car accident victims often undergo long-term medical treatments to prevent permanent brain damage. Additionally, an injury that is particularly serious and preventable could lead to a personal injury claim.