How many fatal car accidents are caused by drunk driving?

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Drunk driving can have a catastrophic impact on West Virginia residents in many ways. As an example, quite a few car accidents are caused by alcohol.

How many people die from drunk driving?

Drunk driving accidents kill around 29 people each day across the country. In 2020, over 11,000 people died in such accidents. More than 200 children were also killed in drunk driving accidents.

The age group most impacted by drunk driving deaths are individuals between 21 and 24. Men are also more likely to be involved in these accidents than women. They are more likely to be driving drunk and more likely to be killed in alcohol-related crashes.

How does alcohol affect the ability to drive?

Alcohol is a depressant, which makes it dangerous to drive while it’s still in your system. It affects the brain by slowing down coordination, judgment, concentration and reasoning. When a person consumes alcohol, it impacts their central nervous system and impairs driving ability.

The legal BAC limit is .08. However, even if a person’s level is slightly below that amount, it’s still possible to get into a serious car accident as even small amounts of alcohol can affect the ability to safely drive a vehicle. In 2020, over 2,000 people were killed in crashes related to smaller BAC amounts ranging from .01 to .07.

Being safe when drinking

If you’re out and know you’ll be drinking, always plan ahead to avoid driving. Designate a person who isn’t drinking to drive. If that’s not possible, call a sober friend for a ride or take a taxi or ridesharing vehicle home. If you have your car, leave it parked and come back to it when you’re sober. Stay over at a friend’s place to sleep if you can’t safely make it home.