The seriousness of a road rash motorcycle injury

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Anyone who has fallen off a bike or motorcycle is familiar with the feeling of road rash. The injury is far worse if you have been traveling at a high speed. To receive compensation in West Virginia, understand the varying degrees of severity for this type of injury.

The definition of a road rash

A road rash is a minor or severe abrasion caused when a bicyclist or motorcyclist falls to the ground. The result is a bloody or reddened scrape that is often swollen and painful. In worse cases, it becomes infected if it’s not cleaned properly and leads to other health problems.

After an accident, an injured person might visit the emergency room and receive a wound debridement. A doctor or nurse cleans the wound and removes any dead or infected tissue. After two weeks, if the rash doesn’t heal, there may be a deeper injury that needs further examination.

What happens after an injury

Many people suffer from motorcycle accident injuries. Even small injuries lead to expensive medical bills and medical complications that last longer than expected. The result is that you might have to file a claim against your health or auto insurance company to cover the expenses.

Compensation for a motorcycle injury

You cannot prevent every road accident, but you can prevent an injury from getting any worse than necessary. Although a road burn or rash seems minor compared to other motorcycle injuries, it can become quite severe if it’s left unattended. If this injury becomes too complicated to manage, a victim may be able to receive compensation for any medical expenses.