What collisions happen during a car wreck?

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Drivers might find themselves suffering through several different collisions during the same car accident. The type of crash could contribute to the injuries suffered. West Virginia drivers might find that reviewing the various collision risks helps them brush up on defensive driving skills. Sometimes, knowing the “big picture” about crashes helps improve safe commuting.

Impact on vehicles and people

A primary element of a car crash involves a vehicle collision. A car could hit another car or an object and suffer immense damage. For example, a vehicle hitting a tree might suffer the complete crushing of the front end. A multi-car accident may cause immense damage to more than one vehicle.

The occupants inside the vehicle may collide with the front windshield, dashboard, steering wheel or front seats. Airbags and seat belts could potentially prevent serious injuries, but the occupants might still suffer harm. If a car or truck hits a pedestrian, expect the pedestrians to suffer worse injuries than the vehicle’s occupants.

The dangers of internal injuries

An “internal collision” might be the most frightening aspect of a crash as car accident injuries could be internal ones resulting from organs colliding. The brain might hit the inside of the skull hard, leading to a concussion. Broken ribs puncturing the lungs would be another terrible result.

Internal car accident injuries aren’t always noticeable, even when they are severe. Someone could suffer torn ligaments and not realize it at first. Internal bleeding may persist without any apparent signs.

Anyone involved in a vehicle crash may need to see a doctor right away to receive a complete evaluation. Otherwise, the problem might not become apparent until it is too late for the most effective treatment.