What are typical motorcycle accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Riding a motorcycle could lead to many enjoyable commutes. West Virginia motorcycle enthusiasts may take to the roads for work or fun and find that a motorcycle is their preferred “wheels.” Unfortunately, a bike doesn’t offer the same level of protection a vehicle does. So, anyone injured in a motorcycle accident may suffer severe injuries.

Frightening injuries motorcyclists face

When a motorcycle skids, the rider may suffer terrible road burns on the arms, legs and other areas. Even when wearing thick clothing, it could be impossible to avoid such harm. Broken bones remain a possible outcome when the bike suffers a terrible spill.

Just as a leather jacket can’t guarantee 100% protection, a motorcycle helmet has its limitations too. When someone flies off a bike, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may result. Head injuries may leave someone in a coma and with permanent disabilities after a lengthy hospital stay.

Consider the most frightening part of a motorcycle accident. Death and permanent disability may result even if the motorcycle crashes at a slow speed.

Other injuries and their costs

No one can predict what type of motorcycle accident injuries someone will suffer. After the accident, a medical examination may uncover damage far more extensive than initially realized. A broken neck or spinal cord damage is not uncommon, and the combination of treatment and rehab may require enormous sums of money.

Sadly, many people die after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Sometimes, the victim feels fine but does not realize internal injuries are present. Take that as a reason why seeking medical attention after an accident is advisable.

An attorney may provide sufferers of motorcycle accident injuries with insight on how to recover losses. A lawyer may help with insurance claims or represent a client in a civil case.