Rural driving conditions may increase accident risk

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Car Accident Injuries |

Many people like a drive in the country on a nice day, but what seems to be an uneventful journey can quickly become a harrowing experience when being involved in an accident. Rural roads are often much more dangerous than highways even where traffic is congested. Here are a few reasons why all West Virginia drivers should be very aware of the potential hazards while driving in rural areas.

Narrow crooked roads

Major roadways receive much more attention than country roads with respect to maintenance and design. Highways are engineered with minimal curves and significant vision capabilities in mind. Rural roads are commonly old roads that have been used by farmers for years that were eventually paved by county or state governments when they are paved at all. Rough conditions can exist, and many roadways are not straight.

Farm equipment and livestock

Driving in rural areas also includes the potential of coming across huge farming equipment that operates on the roads as well, and especially during the spring and fall. It is best for avoiding car accident injuries to maintain reduced speeds and be on the lookout for both equipment and livestock that may venture out of their pastures.

Lack of policing and distance for emergency personnel

Another issue with rural driving is the fact that remote areas can be difficult for emergency personnel to locate and reach in the event of car accident injuries. The lack of policing means that other motorists have ample opportunity to violate road rules, and being involved in an accident can easily result in death under certain conditions.