Are there ways to avoid drunk drivers?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Drunk Driving Accident Injuries |

Drunk drivers present a risk to everyone on the road. A careful and safety-conscious driver in West Virginia understands it is impossible to control how someone else operates a vehicle. However, there are ways to remain aware of an intoxicated driver and take appropriate defensive steps. Hopefully, doing so could reduce the chances of any collisions.

Staying alert to drunk driving behavior

An intoxicated person may find it challenging to operate a vehicle safely. Weaving in and out of lanes and crossing double lines could be red flags that someone is intoxicated. Keeping as safe a distance as possible from such a driver might boost safety.

Drunk drivers may become more active at night and during festive holidays. As a result, anyone worried about intoxicated drivers might not wish to travel in the late evenings during three-day weekends and similar times.

Some habits may increase safety throughout the year. For example, avoiding two-lane highways and staying in the right-hand lane have added safety benefits. Drunk drivers and “every day” reckless drivers might speed in the left-hand lane and pass on the right using the center lane. Sticking with the right-hand land offers no guarantees for safety, but it could increase it.

Additional points about drunk driving concerns

Drivers that maintain their vehicles might find the cars perform better. Better performance comes in handy when relying on life-preserving defensive driving.

Drunk driving accident injuries could even come from physical confrontations. Arguing or engaging with a hostile drunk driver could result in an otherwise avoidable altercation. Why escalate a situation? Report drunk driving or any aggressive behavior to the police.

A personal injury attorney may lend support to someone seeking to file a claim for DWI-related injuries. The attorney might extend claims to a drunk driver’s employer if the person was on the job at the time of the crash.