Bicycle rider safety also applies to vehicle drivers

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Riding a bicycle is a great way to enjoy the fresh air outdoors, to exercise or to travel from place to place. In West Virginia, there are reminders for bicyclists and drivers to stay safe and avoid an accident.

Rider reminders

Bicycle riders should ride in marked bicycle lanes whenever possible. When there is no marked bicycle lane available, they should ride as close as possible to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. Riders also cannot not carry more than one person at a time on a bicycle intended for a single rider.

When riders are traveling at night, they should have a light on the front of the bicycle and a reflective tail light so they are visible to drivers. Bicycles should also be equipped with working brakes.

Driver responsibilities

Drivers of vehicles that share the road with cyclist also bear significant responsibility to keep those riders safe. It’s important for drivers to obey the speed limit, slow down near bicyclists and to be especially careful in weather conditions that can make it difficult to stop.

Drivers should yield to bicyclists and avoid passing them too closely, just like they would for other drivers on the road. They can also help to avoid an accident by checking their surroundings in parking lots, at stop signs and when parking. They should also look right, left and behind them before making a turn.

Bicyclists can be seriously injured in accidents with drivers. They can suffer cuts and bruises, broken bones and fractures, traumatic brain injuries and even death. If a bicyclist has been in an accident with a vehicle, an attorney can pursue compensation on his or her behalf.