The devastating effects of car accident crush injuries

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Any Morgantown resident who has shut their hand in a drawer or slammed their thumb with a hammer understands what a crush accident is. A crush accident happens when a body part is subject to forces and endures harm. Minor crush accidents can cause pain and short-term distress, but many like those mentioned heal on their own without lasting problems for their victims. Serious crush injuries, like those sustained in car accidents, can be deadly.

Crush accidents can happen when vehicles collide and slam together. Whether they are in trucks, cars, or on motorcycles, vehicle accident victims can become caught between their own automobiles and the road, other vehicles, or other surfaces in the blink of an eye. The injuries they can sustain are extensive, and this post will discuss some of them. No part of this post should be used as legal advice or medical guidance.

Common problems associated with crush injuries

Crush injuries happen fast. Often a victim of a crush injury experiences broken bones when their body is impacted by force. Other injuries that can result from crush accidents include but are not limited to cuts and bruises, bleeding and nerve damage, and even crush-associated infections. Crush injuries are painful and should be assessed by medical professionals as soon as possible after vehicle accidents occur.

Crush injury complications can be serious

Many victims of crush injuries may sustain damage to parts of their body. Some unfortunate victims may suffer full body crush accidents. Individuals who suffer widespread harm may be susceptible to complications related to their crush accidents, particularly if they cannot be freed from their crush accidents quickly and endure significant force on their bodies.

Crush syndrome can develop when a crush victim is not promptly saved. It can cause a decrease in blood circulation through their body, renal failure, and even cardiac distress. These complications can be deadly.

A crush accident is a traumatic event. Victims of car accidents who suffer crush injuries can take their claims to their trusted personal injury attorneys. Their lawyers may provide them with counsel on how best to protect their rights under the law.