Is road rash a serious injury?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Many people equate road rash with the painful scraping of the skin against a pavement surface following a biking or trip-and-fall accident while on a jog. The majority of these injuries, while painful, can be treated from home. However, when the road rash is the result of a high-speed motorcycle collision, the rider might be in danger of infection and the possibility of losing a limb.

In a collision, motorcycle riders have little to protect them outside of a helmet and heavy clothing. Being thrown from the motorcycle and sliding along the road’s surface will almost certainly result in some level of a road rash injury. While it is wise to see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment following your accident, it is crucial to have someone examine your road rash injury when:

  • Enough layers of skin and subcutaneous tissue have been removed to make muscle and bone visible in the wound.
  • Objects such as rocks, glass or broken metal are embedded in the wound.
  • The wound continues to bleed well after the accident.
  • There are signs of infection in the wound. The signs can include pus, redness, swelling, increased pain, increased temperature and fever.
  • The road rash injury covers a large portion of the body.

Due to their speed and maneuverability, riders might be able to avoid a number of vehicle collisions. Unfortunately, when a collision occurs, the motorcycle rider will likely suffer devastating injuries. From head trauma to paralysis, a rider must seek legal and medical guidance as soon as possible.