There are many semitruck accidents every year

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There are many semitrucks on West Virginia roads every day. They are bringing products and goods from around the country to their final destination or transporting products produced in the state to other locations. So, they play a vital role in the economy. There are also many people who drive trucks for their living and it is how they earn the income they and their families rely on to meet their monthly needs.

However, because of their purpose, semitrucks are much larger than most other vehicles on the road. Therefore, when they are in truck accidents, they can cause significant damage to the other vehicles involved and significant injuries to the people in those vehicles. Unfortunately, there are many accidents involving large trucks each year.

Semitruck accident statistics

A couple of years ago there were approximately 450,000 crashes in the U.S. involving large trucks. Out of those 450,000 crashes, 344,000 of them resulted in injuries to people involved in the accident and 4,237 were fatal crashes. The majority of the fatal crashes occurred in rural areas and most of them occurred during the weekdays (Monday – Friday). The main factors involved in the crashes were first speeding and the second most common factor was distractions.

In addition to there being many large truck crashes each year, there are also hundreds of thousands of injuries to the people involved. These injuries can require significant medical treatment, which not only can result in high medical bills, but also force people to miss work. This can add financial problems to the already significant medical issues the victims are experiencing.

People who are the victims of a semitruck accident in West Virginia, may be entitled to compensation though. This will not heal any of the injuries, but is still very valuable since it can at least ease the financial burdens. These can be very complex cases though and experienced attorneys may be able to help one through the process.