What are the dangers of car accident burns?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Car Accident Injuries |

A car collision can inflict a number of life altering injuries. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may require weeks or months of recovery, or the injuries may permanently disable you. Some accident injuries do not happen because of a physical impact inside the automobile, though. You may also suffer an injury because of a burn. 

A vehicular impact can damage the electrical system in your car and create sparks that may ignite a fire. Acidic chemicals, like gasoline, may also spill and burn your body. The Mayo Clinic explains some of the dangerous effects on your health that may result from a burn. 


Burns can do a lot of damage to the skin. Small burns may leave minor scarring while major burns may require skin grafts to replace lost skin. Burns can also leave scarring that makes it hard to move your body. Some scar tissue replaces elastic skin with hardened tissue that restricts your joints and muscles. People who suffer from contractures may have problems walking on a leg or using an arm. 

Internal complications

A burn may result in a number of dangerous complications. Because of a burn, you could experience a loss of blood, which may lead to hypovolemia. Since burns damage the skin, you might also experience hypothermia. Damaged skin or a loss of skin can negatively impact your body’s ability to keep up a normal body temperature. 

Bacterial infection

Since a burn penetrates the skin, it can leave you exposed to bacteria which may enter through the burn wound. Some bacteria enter into the bloodstream and cause sepsis, which may lead to septic shock and cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Fungi or viruses may also seep through a burn injury. 

Smoke inhalation

Fire does not have to contact your body for you to suffer injury. If an auto collision traps you in your damaged vehicle with rising smoke close by, you could suffer lung damage from inhaling the smoke for too long. Even after the paramedics extract you from the vehicle, you may experience problems breathing later on, which may indicate lasting lung damage.