Can I avoid a lane changing accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2020 | Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Motorcycle riders can get into serious auto accidents in a number of ways. Sometimes the cause of a motorcycle accident results from a vehicle changing lanes. The driver, not aware of a motorcycle close by, ends up colliding with the motorcycle as the driver shifts into the next lane. This is a common way for a motorcyclist to experience a collision, so learning how to avoid an accident caused by a lane change can possibly save you from horrible injury. 

Ride Apart explains that many drivers are not psychologically aware of motorcycles, so a driver of a car you approach might not know you are present in his or her blind spot. If you should ride into a blind spot, try to get out of it at the earliest possible opportunity. Also pay attention to the eyes of the motorist in the vehicle mirrors. They can see you if you can see their eyes, but they might not be looking in their mirrors, so do not presume they are aware of you. 

In general, be on the lookout for events that can make a lane change more likely to happen. Vehicles in your lane might move faster than the lane to your left or right. Traffic in those slower moving lanes may want to move into yours. Also, your lane may intersect with an acceleration lane up ahead. If possible, you may want to try to avoid riding in a lane that looks attractive to lane changers. 

Also pay attention to the vehicle in front of you. You might notice signs that the driver in the vehicle wants to change lanes. Sometimes a vehicle wanders in its lane. The driver is checking the mirrors. The driver has turned his or her head to look around. A driver has turned on a turn signal. These are important signs motorcyclists should watch for so that a turning vehicle does not take them by surprise.