How can wrongful death claims help families?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Firm News, Wrongful Death Auto Accidents |

Unexpectedly losing a loved one in a car accident is a devastating experience that no one in West Virginia should have to go through. Unfortunately, the prevalence of negligent drivers on the road means that virtually anyone could be at risk for having to deal with this. If you lost a loved one, here are a few things to know about wrongful death claims.

While you may have already known that victims of car accidents can seek compensation through personal injury lawsuits, you might have never heard of wrongful death claims. These suits allow surviving family members to seek compensation on behalf of the victim killed in a car wreck (or other forms of negligence). While money cannot bring back your family member, just compensation can make dealing with the aftermath of a fatal wreck easier for you.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to seek compensation for a range of damages. For example, if your loved one has lingering medical bills from attempts at life-saving medical care, you can try and recover damages for that. Any lost income, mental anguish, sorrow and even unexpected funeral expenses can also be covered by these types of claims.

Reducing the financial burden imposed on you and your loved ones can help you move forward with the grieving process, too. However, demonstrating that the other driver acted negligently is not always as straightforward as it should be. Working alongside an experienced West Virginia attorney can alleviate some of the confusion and these types of claims, so be sure to visit our website to find out more about your options concerning wrongful death claims.