Criminal charges against West Virginia man after fatal accident

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Drunk Driving Accident Injuries, Firm News |

A West Virginia man is facing serious criminal charges after a fatal motorcycle accident. The accident took place in October, but the defendant was recently arraigned on charges of misdemeanor negligent homicide. If convicted, he could face penalties that include time behind bars and expensive fines. A conviction will also result in the revocation of the defendant’s West Virginia driver’s license.

When law enforcement initially responded to the fatal accident, they arrived on the scene to find a large black truck with a motorcycle stuck to the front of it. Evidence suggests that the motorcycle was on fire at some point, and the collision was severe enough to scatter various parts across the road. The man on the motorcycle was declared dead by emergency personnel at the scene of the accident.

The man who was driving the truck admitted that he had been drowsy while on the road before the accident, and he had stopped to rest. After getting back on the road, he saw the motorcycle but claims he was not able to stop to avoid hitting it. He claims his truck was not stopping even though he was hitting the brakes. The man says he is not certain of exactly what happened, but there is evidence to suggest that his vehicle crossed the center line into the path of the motorcycle.

While there is nothing a West Virginia family can do to reverse the damage of a fatal accident, it is possible to recoup some financial losses through a wrongful death claim. This accident is an example of how the actions of another person can rob a person of his or her life, leaving a family and loved ones to pick up the pieces. The law allows for grieving families to take legal action and hold the parties deemed responsible fully accountable.