Who is most likely to die in a motorcycle accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accident Injuries |

Riding a motorcycle is as much about the experience of the ride as it is about getting to a destination. Unfortunately, negligent drivers continue to jeopardize not only that experience, but also motorcyclists’ lives. However, families of West Virginia victims killed in a motorcycle accident may be able to hold those drivers accountable. 

Drivers of larger passenger vehicles tend to overlook or completely ignore the motorcycles that they share the road with. In about 66 percent of accidents that involve a motorcycle and one other vehicle, the motorcyclist’s right of way was violated. This could be anything from a car that turns in front of a motorcycle to a pickup that proceeds through a four-way stop when it does not have the right of way. This kind of negligent behavior is putting motorcyclists at risk. 

Motorcycle riders are also far more likely to die or suffer injuries in an accident than passengers in other vehicles. This is especially troubling considering that the death rate for people in motor vehicles and trucks has been on the decline since 1999. During this same period of time, the number of fatal injuries in motorcycle wrecks has doubled. 

Losing a loved one because of a driver’s negligence can be devastating, especially if the victim always took great care to wear a helmet and adhere to the rules of the road. For some families in West Virginia, pursuing a wrongful death claim after a motorcycle accident can be an appropriate choice. When successful, these claims can provide invaluable compensation on behalf of a victim’s estate.