Multi-vehicle car accident sends 5 to hospital

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Car Accident Injuries, Firm News |

West Virginia police say that the large truck involved in a fatal accident was owned by a company that had failed multiple inspections. At least two people were killed in the wreck, and several others suffered severe injuries. Unfortunately, such outcomes are not uncommon for this type of car accident. 

According to authorities, the accident happened at an intersection on W.Va. 98. There were five vehicles in the right-hand lane waiting for the light to turn green, two of which were passenger vehicles while the other three were dump trucks. In the left lane, a pickup truck and car were stopped.  

It is not clear whether the light was still red or if it had only just switched over to green when a water tanker collided with one of the passenger vehicles in the right lane, setting off a chain reaction that involved all of the vehicles waiting at the light. The initial vehicle that was struck ended up being crushed between the water tanker and the dump truck in front of it, killing both of its occupants — a father and his teenage daughter. Emergency responders transported five injured people to the hospital.  

Surviving a car accident can be emotionally, physically and financially overwhelming for West Virginia victims. Many go on to deal with months or even years of medical treatment, which may require time away from work, leading to lost wages. Personal injury claims can be effective at addressing these damages and, for many, achieving a much-needed sense of justice.