Handling the aftermath of being hit by a drunk driver

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Despite increased attention on the dangers of drunk driving, the epidemic continues to plague our roads and threaten our families’ safety. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 29 people die every day in auto accidents involving a drunk driver in the United States. 

That means one death every 50 minutes. Those numbers are staggering. We also know if you are hit by a drunk driver, the consequences could be deadly.


Who is considered a drunk driver?

Any driver over the BAC level of .08 can be charged with DUI in West Virginia. However, even a driver with a BAC lower than the legal limit may be charged. Any person who has consumed alcohol and gets in an accident can face a DUI.


If you or a family member was hit by a drunk driver, you might want to pursue a lawsuit against that driver. You can seek compensation to help you cover the costs of medical bills, loss of income, any rehabilitative services, as well as the pain and suffering endured. The kind of damages you recover depends largely on the circumstances of your case.

Other liable parties

According to a West Virginia law, you could also pursue a case against the establishments that served the driver. The law states any business that serves a visibly intoxicated person can be found accountable for injuries that they caused after leaving the business. This applies not only to bars and restaurants, but also to liquor stores.

Navigating the court system is confusing in the best of times. If you or a family was seriously injured by a drunk driver, you have enough on your mind. Consider contacting an attorney experienced in personal injury claims, and let him or her fight on your family’s behalf. Some attorneys may offer free consultations and only collect a fee if the case results in compensation for you.